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Dec 12, 2023

Holger Sindbaek Online Solitaire
Holger Sindbaek Online Solitaire

Turning Passions Into 25k/mo: Holger Sindbæk's Entrepreneurial Solitaire Journey

Turning Passions Into 25k/mo: Holger Sindbæk's Entrepreneurial Solitaire Journey

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Show Notes

On this exciting episode of the Hey Good Game podcast, we chat with Holger Sinback, creator of OnlineSolitaire.com and WorldOfCardGames.com. Holger's journey is an inspiring one, starting as a designer and gradually becoming a developer, ultimately transforming his passion project into a significant source of income. Listen as Holger shares his analytical approach to choosing the right game to develop and the strategies he used to improve an existing game. Plus, he reveals his current favorite game, Diablo 4 - a far cry from solitaire!

We continue to uncover the challenging world of app development and the realities of monetization. Our discussion takes a close look at the struggle of standing out in a saturated market like the iOS app store, the importance of search engine optimization, and the high cost of paid advertisements. We touch on the delicate balance between business and programming and get insights from our guest, who relies heavily on ad revenue, about the reality of users not wanting to pay for apps.

Our discussion doesn't stop there; we also explore the transition from designer to developer and the entrepreneurial journey of managing a one-man shop. Holger gives us a glimpse into his first acquisition and the thought process behind it. You'll hear about how he scaled and maintained an online solitaire platform, and how he turned his website into a full-time income source. Finally, we peek into Holger's future plans, his continuous improvement approach, and his goal to make his projects mobile responsive. So join us, and let's uncover the world of game development and indie hacking together!

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