Now, there's an easier way to sell your game.

Selling a game is not a fun process.

More than you'd like to acknowledge, you find yourself on the receiving end of an email from a faceless buyer, representing a much larger faceless entity. You don’t know them, but they're asking you to trust them. The terms take awhile to hash out, and it can be months before you have cash in your hands.

The process is underwhelming and who knows how they'll treat the game or its users? You've built something you're proud of, but you don't have time to maintain it anymore. Maybe it could make more money, but that takes a lot more of your time.

Then, what about the personal brand equity you’ve built with fans? It’s at risk if the game falls into unloving hands. How can you be assured the game will continue with the same passion you have given it? 

You want a fair offer and a trusted buyer who will invest more time into your game, not less.

Why sell to Hey, Good Game?

We believe in the power of games and we’re intent on using that power for good. We craft games to focus players' senses of opportunity and optimism on fun work. This provides chances to practice skills to get better at tasks. When done well game play actively conditions our bodies to be happier. That’s a win!

We are looking to acquire and build a profitable but mindful collection of games that can make a greater impact under one brand than stand alone sites. Hey, Good Game is a destination for casual games and gamers.

The main benefits you'll find in working with us is that we can move fast and we will be a good steward of the game post-sale. We commit to closing in less than 14 days with a streamlined process, and the diligence requests are minimal. We use or a similar trusted party of your choice as part of the close process and we typically cover the fees.

“It's been great to see Hey, Good Game continue to develop and improve my games post acquisition.”

Daniel Tait
Founder Mathler, Sumplete, and Crosswordle

Our process

To give you some insight into our process, we typically ask for a few pieces of information in order to get to an initial offer. We’ll ask for access to your analytics so we can review traffic levels.

If you’re currently generating ad revenue or subscription revenue, we’ll want details on monthly amounts for the last twelve months (or fewer, if the site is newer than that).


Response in

36 hours


Offer within

5 days


Close the deal in

2 weeks

Easy 7-day diligence process

No in-person meetings

All cash payments

We love to buy games that have grown to…


500k-10m page views per month


25k-1m daily active users


Minimum six months of demonstrated analytics


No ads OR generating $2-25k/mo. in revenue

Have a game to sell?

Let’s find out if we play well together.

1151 Walker Rd #310, Dover DE 19904

© 2023-2024 Hey Good Game, Inc.

1151 Walker Rd #310, Dover DE 19904

© 2023-2024 Hey Good Game, Inc.

1151 Walker Rd #310, Dover DE 19904

© 2023-2024 Hey Good Game, Inc.