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Jan 9, 2024

Bridging the Word Gap: How Woogles is Revolutionizing Scrabble

Bridging the Word Gap: How Woogles is Revolutionizing Scrabble

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Show Notes

Unlock the secrets of Scrabble with Woogles creators César Del Solar and Jesse Day, who join us to discuss the power of two-letter words and parallel plays that can transform your word game skills. As we chat with these Scrabble aficionados, we uncover not only their journeys into the world of competitive Scrabble but also how their diverse backgrounds and love for the game led to the inception of Woogles. Their friendly banter on topics from condiments to the platform's chess-inspired beginnings gives a glimpse into the camaraderie and passion fueling their successful, polished online presence, crafted when the world went virtual.

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