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Jan 16, 2024

Trainwreck Labs Abe Train
Trainwreck Labs Abe Train
Trainwreck Labs Abe Train

How Abe Train’s Game Globle Went Global

How Abe Train’s Game Globle Went Global

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Show Notes

Nate Kadlac and Aaron Kardell chat with Abe Train from Trainwreck Labs, the creator of popular online games including Globle and Globle Capitals.

Everybody starts out somewhere, and you’d be surprised how a well-established corporate worker like Abe Train started creating games for a living! From big-name companies like Tesla, General Motors and Hello Fresh, to creating his own brand and entering a niche that he loves, Abe has a great story to share behind his success.

This is how a corporate worker traded his stable life to venture out into the industry of game development and created the hit game, Globle.

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