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Mar 12, 2024

Will Sudoku Ever Be Stopped?

Will Sudoku Ever Be Stopped?

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Show Notes

Episode 15: In today's episode features an interview with Jeff Widderich, the president of Syndicated Puzzles, who discusses his background, experience on Dragon's Den, game creation, the challenges faced in the puzzle industry, and the future of game design. Widderich shares insights on the importance of spatial thinking, the necessity for new and innovative puzzles, the competitive nature of puzzles, and the potential for multi-solution puzzles. He emphasizes the need for game designers to remain independent and the significance of creativity in puzzle design. Additionally, he addresses the influence of trends, the struggle to break through in the game industry, and his perspectives on the Sudoku industry. Widderich also discusses geographic influences on his business and expresses his desire for new energy and innovation in the puzzle market.

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