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Dec 26, 2023

Horror, Puzzles, and Pragmatism: The Improbable Journey of CineNerdle

Horror, Puzzles, and Pragmatism: The Improbable Journey of CineNerdle

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Show Notes

Step into the shadowy corridors of game development with our esteemed guest, Nilanth Yogadasan, the creative genius behind the eerie yet addictive games, CineNerdle and CineNerdle 2. His games reach over 30,000 daily players, and over 15 million games played. Our conversation takes a deep dive into Nilanth's inspiration, drawing heavily from his passion for horror cinema, and how it fuels the enigmatic puzzles in CineNerdle. Alongside his passion, Nilanth's journey also encompasses the trials and tribulations of maintaining a successful game, providing a fascinating glimpse into a game maker's mind.

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