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Feb 6, 2024

Krazydad Puzzles
Krazydad Puzzles

The Future of Puzzle Creation with Krazydad

The Future of Puzzle Creation with Krazydad

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Show Notes

Join us as we delve into Jim Bumgardner's fascinating odyssey within the realms of coding and brainteasers. We explore his profound insights on the convergence of computers, music, and puzzle creation, alongside his clever utilization of Foursquare's capabilities which paved the way for his brainchild—the acclaimed puzzle hub—KrazyDad. Our chat also touches upon his confidence in AI's revolutionary impact across sectors, reflections on past revenue models via advertising, and the aspiration to draft a definitive guide on crafting puzzles. Amid the depth, we find moments of levity with tributes to "Star Battle" puzzles and entertaining tales from Jim's adventures in the music world.

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