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May 7, 2024

The Beauty of Games with Frank Lantz

The Beauty of Games with Frank Lantz

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Show Notes

Episode 22: This conversation features a deep and insightful discussion with Frank Lantz, the director of the New York University Game Center and an award-winning game designer.

Throughout the interview, Lantz explores the intricate relationship between games, culture, and education, highlighting how games can serve as a potent medium for both artistic expression and intellectual challenge.

Check out Frank's Games and Resources:
“The Beauty of Games” - A book by Frank Lantz
Universal Paperclips - A game by Frank Lantz


Resources Mentioned:
Balatro - Mentioned as a current favorite game of Frank Lantz.
Portal - Highlighted as possibly the funniest and one of the greatest games, with contributions from Eric Wolpaw.
Disco Elysium - Cited as an example of excellent narrative in games.
Kentucky Route Zero - Mentioned for its narrative focus.
The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide

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