Announcing the Launch of our Gaming Studio & First Batch of Acquisitions

Published Jul 27, 2023

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Hey Good Game Image
Hey Good Game Image

Hey Good Game, a gaming studio with daily fun at its core, is excited to announce its official launch today. Founded by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds in gaming, design, coding, and content creation, Hey Good Game aims to redefine the casual gaming industry by combining leading–edge game mechanics, user experience, design, and positive gaming experiences to a growing platform of games.

The studio's mission is to create engaging games that go beyond entertaining players to making a positive impact on their lives. Drawing inspiration from Jane McGonigal's "Reality is Broken," Hey Good Game believes games make people happy by providing self-chosen hard work and activating neurological systems responsible for happiness.

In conjunction with the launch of the gaming studio, Hey Good Game is thrilled to announce the acquisition of several new games that align with their mission of promoting happiness and positive gaming experiences. These games will leverage the power of the platform to offer players a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

Hey Good Game Co-founder, Nate Kadlac, said, "We are delighted to officially launch our studio and bring fresh takes on fun games to our players. Our goal is to create a gaming ecosystem that not only entertains but also positively impacts the lives of players. We believe that by combining our expertise in game mechanics, design and the power of positive gaming, we can create unique and unforgettable daily gaming experiences for players."

Game developers, who love making games but not babysitting them will find Hey Good Game! a great partner. The studio cares for each game individually and offers a wider player base than a single game on its own. Got a game you’d like to see go bigger but don’t want to push it there? Looking for a new home for a game that you want to stop babysitting? Hey Good Game is a viable game studio buyer. 

The company is in the process of developing and integrating newly acquired games, including:

They join existing games: 

Players can expect a range of immersive and engaging gaming experiences that combine the best elements of traditional games with fresh and engaging takes on classics. 

To stay updated on the latest news and developments from Hey Good Game, head to and follow them on social channels and other platforms as they become available.

About Hey Good Game

Hey Good Game is an innovative gaming studio founded by friends with diverse backgrounds in gaming, coding, design and content creation. Their mission is to create addictive, engaging games with a force for positive impact on players' lives by leveraging the power of design and leading-edge game mechanics. For more information, visit or follow Hey Good Game on the socials.

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